Free printable Valentines Day crafts, valentine activities, worksheets, coloring pages

Valentine's Day, celebrated Feb. 14, usually represents a party, candy and cards for
children, So how about some free printable Valentine's Day 
coloring pages, cut and paste, games, lessons, puzzles and activities? Here are some
websites to check out for free Valentine's Day 
Use in school or homeschool. Tie in with your regular curriculum.

Teaching Heart is a one stop site in itself. You'll free printable Valentine puzzles, games, crypto-grams, candy heart spelling
pages, valentine grammar, valentine counting, math, sorting, matching,
concentration and bingo, valentine lined writing paper, comprehension,
printable booklets, file folder games, puzzles connect-the-dots and so much
more. TeachingHeart is always adding more as well, so be sure to explore this

Coloring Book Fun is a comprehensive source of coloring pages
indexed and cross-referenced for ease of use. There are 100s of links for
coloring pages on favorite characters like Hello Kitty, Scooby Doo, and lots
more. Just about any character that your students or children may like is
listed here. There are links to just about any holiday or event that you might
want in a separate list as well. There is no site fee and most of the pages
appear directly from their icons without the use of Adobe or PDF. We explored
this link recently when our youngest was home for a week with bronchitis.

Disney Family has gobs of free valentine printables.
this website features really nice images of the 
crafts and well-detailed
instructions. Look for free prinable Disney character crafts: Frozen, Mickey
Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story, Pixar--print crafts of all your favorites.
You'll love the learning-themed Valentine's Day activities as much as the cute

out these links for all your valentine fun and learning!

Halloween alternatives: 100+ non-food, non-candy Trick-or-Treat prizes, giveways

Here's a list of cheap non-candy handouts for Halloween. But these ideas could just as easily be used for non-food Valentine giveaways. 100 plus goodies to give out with valentines that aren't candy--done! Halloween alternatives: 100+ non-food, non-candy Trick-or-Treat prizes, giveways

Valentines Day movies: Romantic plot twist movies, no-schmaltz love story films

Sweetest Day and Valentines Day are devoted to romance. Couples buy cute gifts, go on dates, watch sappy movies about love. Isn't that sweet? Not so much, you don't think? If Valentines Day makes you sick from sugary-romance overload, then how about a little reality therapy? Here are romantic movies with a plot twist. Watch these no-schmaltz love story films but don't look for heart-warming Nicholas Sparks here. These reality romance movies are perfect for couples whose honeymoon glitz has worn off.   Sweetest Day: Romantic plot twist movies, no-schmaltz love story films |

Free printable valentines, children's Valentine's Day crafts

Valentines Day is fast approaching. Children's valentine exchanges are popular school party activities. How about saving money with free printable valentines and Valentine's Day greeting cards?   Free printable valentines, children's Valentine's Day crafts |

Valentine's Day gifts, skip the candy for heart-smart, weight watcher presents

 Advertisers would have us believe that candy is the best Valentine's Day present. But one third of Americans weigh in at obese. Associated lifestyle conditions--heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol)--are endemic. Maybe its time for a healthy Valentine gift-giving upgrade. This year, skip the valentine candy for heart-smarter, weight-watcher presents.  Valentine's Day gifts, skip the candy for heart-smart, weight watcher presents |

Free printable preschool Valentine crafts, games, worksheets, activities

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, Pinterest, email, and blogs overflow with valentine crafts. Alas, many are also costly. So, don't pay. Here are free printable preschool valentine worksheets, games, crafts, learning activities and lesson plans. Fru-gals and fru-guys, use these for Valentine's Day fun.  Free printable preschool Valentine worksheets, games, crafts, activities

I Guess I Am Not a Real Woman Because I Hate Valentines Day

Just my little rant about the commercialism of Valentine's Day. I love being with my husband on Valentines. But I like that every day. I like doing the holiday crafts with kids. I like honoring Saint Valentine. But I hate the way we've perverted yet another holiday into a guilt fest. My sons and I were discussing how much they hate the love holiday. And it occurred to me, that I must not be a real woman because I feel the same way.

  I Guess I Am Not a Real Woman, I Hate Valentines Day

Free (Yes Free!) Valentines to Print and Color

Psst! Excuse me, but did you know Valentine's Day is almost here? If you're a busy parent like me, that means "oh great, I forgot to buy the kiddies' valentines! Grrr, another thing to remember! What next?" Well, busy mama, no need to worry because I've got you covered. Just start up your print, let kiddies choose their pattern and print away! Free (Yes Free!) Valentines to Print, Perfect for Snowbound Kids

Free (Yes Free!) Valentines To Print, Color and Share

Here's a bunch of free printable valentines plus tips from one busy mommy to other busy parents, If you DIY valentines, print in economical or grayscale black and white, not color. Saves ink and money, plus makes the Valentines into a coloring page. And that keeps kiddos happily productive longer. Cutting valentines is good scissors practice too. And you frugalista-recyclistas, print on reused paper to save trees and money.  Free (Yes Free!) Valentines to Print, Perfect for Snowbound Kids

Free Printable Disney Valentine Activities from Spoonful

 I've been writing about free printable kids crafts since for almost a decade. I often link to the Family Fun website (from Family Fun magazine). But that site has now changed to Spoonful. Family Fun as Spoonful still partners with Disney. And you should check there for holiday and Disney crafts. And for Valentines Day, I can't think of a better theme than Disney "Frozen" can you? And Spoonful has all the printables you want. Free Disney Printables from Family Fun New Site Spoonful

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